Bengal Pride in Educational Excellence Campaign Makes a Difference One Student at a Time!

Emmanuel Odekunle '19

Haley Patel '19

Chloe Ratte '19

Emmanuel was accepted to Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Duke, Johns Hopkins, NYU and the University of Rochester, Emmanuel plans to major in biology and become a doctor. <Read more.>

Haley's accomplishments are numerous and she is quick to tell you that her successes have been because she was able to work with those who share her enthusiasm for academics and community service. She has been accepted to Rutgers and Temple and is wait-listed for Northeastern. <Read more.>

Chloe has been accepted at Cornell, Rochester Institute of Technology, Wellesley, and Lehigh, in the specialized IDEAS program. She is wait-listed at Tufts, Northeastern and Swarthmore. <Read more.>

Joe Bumpus '18

Daven Howard '18

Tulsi Patel '18

Joe was accepted at the University of Rochester where he will major in mechanical engineering and minor in audio engineering and plans to run track. Joe was drawn to the university’s Eastman School of Music since he has played the alto sax in the school band since the 5th grade. <Read more>

Daven was accepted Early Action to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He plans to major in math and science and pursue a career in nuclear science. <Read more>

Tulsi received an $18,000 scholarship to attend the University of New Haven where she will major in political science. She attributes her success to the BEF-sponsored SAT prep classes and resulting 1260 SAT score. <Read more>