Our Purpose

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)-3 non-profit dedicated to ensuring students in the Bloomfield school district have every opportunity to succeed.

What We Do

We provide students access to programs and resources the school district cannot afford on their own. So far, we’ve funded after school activities, tutoring programs, SAT prep classes (an $899 value), as well as AP exams (normally $90 per exam).

Why We Do It

Our board is composed of alumni and community members who are grateful to Bloomfield’s school system and want an opportunity to give back. Our mission goes beyond the academic: we want to help every student reach their full potential because we care.

How We Do It

We use funds raised through our events and donations to provide students with innovative new teaching programs and initiatives that would be otherwise unavailable to them. We also give both Bloomfield alumni and Bloomfield community members a direct connection to the school district to give them a way to give back.