Joseph Kliminski Teacher Grant and Extraordinary Grant Application


Like Extraordinary Grants, Joseph Kliminski Teacher Grant Applications are considered on a rolling basis throughout the school year. To apply for either grant, complete this form online or download the PDF and mail a print version to: Ann Dassing, BEF Executive Director, Bloomfield Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 1358, Bloomfield, NJ 07003. You may also send it by email to: Applicants will be notified by e-mail within thirty days whether their projects will be funded.


Teachers, Administrators, Home & School Associations, Outside group partnerships.


Evaluated on quality of content, number of students served and fulfillment of district goals. You may be invited to appear before the BEF Board to explain your application. NOTE: Those submitting grant applications for technology-related items must first gain approval from the District’s Technology Committee. See your Principal for details. If approval is granted, please attach the approval form to this application or it will not be considered. Additionally, all Professional Development requests must be reviewed and approved by the Professional Development Director before submission. Please attach the approval form to your grant application.


Joseph Kliminski Teacher Grants are up to $500. Extraordinary Grants are those that exceed that limit and are awarded on an individual basis.


If an award is made, you will be required to submit a commitment letter to state your intent and start date. At the end, you will be required to submit an evaluation. To access the Evaluation Form, click here.


Grants will be awarded for teacher stipends and education themed prizes. No bus trips, snacks or classroom supplies.


Direct questions to Ann Dassing, BEF Executive Director, (973) 403-0032 or

Application Form

Grant Application

Applicant Information

Project Information

Project Details

Project Budget

Other Source(s) of Revenue

I confirm that all information in this application is accurate. I understand that this information may be shared with the school Principal, prospective donors and the BEF website. Separately, I have included the Technology Committee approval form as required by the BEF for all technology-related requests, and the Professional Development approval form for all Professional Development requests.

I also agree to send an evaluation letter at the conclusion of this project, to BEF care of: Ann Dassing, BEF Executive Director, Bloomfield Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 1358, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 or e-mail evaluation letter to:Bloomfield Educational Foundation.

After pressing “Submit” confirm that all required fields have been completed. Acknowledgement of a successful submission will appear at the bottom of this form.

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